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I’ve discovered that books are an open ticket for a platform in the direction of ‘you, this world and beyond’. This ticket transports me away from this world with its disorienting noise, its demands, expectations and the things of which I’ve grown weary. I journey through new faces, voices and places that may be less familiar as well as those that carry an echo of things once known. Books are friends that both comfort and challenge, and they are beacons to guide me home, carrying more joy and knowledge than I packed when I left.

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Reading in 2022

Most memorable reads Fiction The School for Good Mothers – Jessamine Chan Read in 2022 Some favourite words: ‘She thought

Long Division book cover

Reading in 2021

These are 9 of the 61 books I read in 2021 whose magic will remain with me. Musa Okwonga’s memoir, One

Reading in 2020

Ever since the days of Biff, Chip and Kipper, I have loved escaping in the endless number of worlds offered

The Wondering

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Through writing, I document my journey in search of joy and knowledge. I traverse aspects of my work in online learning, education and research and I wander through wellness, becoming and being. I embrace complexity, uncertainty and learning.

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Research engagement

Research engagement: a reading list

A collection of key reading. Updated as new learning takes place. Last updated: November 2022 Critical engagement with research The