Accessible by design

A few years ago, I started work with a colleague who uses a wheelchair. One day, we travelled down to London together. It was in


Singapore in spring

We landed in Singapore eating skittles from a bag. One more leg to go before arrival in Oz. Planning our days, our tasty meals, our


Leading words

Well, I’ll be honest, this was unexpected. I know I’m unexpected to you too, when you were anticipating that man who looked a bit like


A conversation with a lamp…

ME: New years: they’re kind of a lot of pressure. To be more, to do more, better yourself… LAMP: I guess it’s simpler for me.

A joyful scatter of shapes and lines

I remember…

I remember your rough, work-worn hands as they pull me tight into a hug as if squeezing all your love into me. I remember you

Image 2020 reading

Reading in 2020

Ever since the days of Biff, Chip and Kipper, I have loved escaping in the endless number of worlds offered by books. There was a


Nurturing a garden of knowledge

I recently revisited my Gallup Strengths Finder results to focus a magnified lens on my strengths. One of my strengths is that of ‘Input’. I


Embracing your ancestry

There is complexity in the faces of your ancestors and the jobs they held: manager, milliner, miner. The pastimes they enjoyed: dancing, writing, walking. The


What’s in a pause?

As we enter another period of national lockdown, I reflect on the power of a pause. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and scribbling all


‘Fear and faith., The one you dance with determines your life.’


Being used to something is such a poor excuse for prolonging anything, but it seems a national pastime, don’t you think? We let ourselves get into the habit of the grind, we let the grind wear us down.’


‘I don’t know if I’ve ever truly felt like the ground beneath me was firm. Things always feel like they’re moving and I never get the chance to catch up to them and when I do, it feels like it all goes too quickly.’


‘Good people are not racist, only bad people are. This neat binary is a way of avoiding any real discussion at all.’


‘I’m not the only person on this earth who has no idea what life is for, nor what is to be done with all this time aside from filling it.’


You could track your meditation minutes and ounces of water consumed and… see who among your friends was best at prioritizing #metime, based on how many hours a day they spent on the app.’



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