Through writing, I document my journey in search of joy and knowledge. 

I traverse aspects of my work in online learning, education and research and I wander through wellness, becoming and being.

I embrace complexity, uncertainty and learning.

Books are an open ticket for a platform in the direction of ‘you, this world and beyond’. This ticket will transport you away from this world with its disorienting noise, its demands, expectations and the things of which you’ve grown weary. You’ll journey through new faces, voices and places that echo of things once known. Books are a beacon to guide me home, carrying more joy and knowledge than I packed when I left.


A search for joy and knowledge demands creative collection and curation.

I gather and share collections and resources related to my work in online learning, education and research.

Words to live by

‘Dare to see when others don’t. Dare to speak when others won’t.’ Lorna Gutierrez, Dare

‘The voice within you that says, “This is not okay” is a direct call from the basic goodness of your spirit. Pick it up. Every time.’ Cleo Wade, Where To Begin

‘Burn the house down in search of yourself. don’t you dare ever stop looking. don’t you dare ever think you won’t be worth the finding.’ F D Soul, between you & these bones

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