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Festival of Education 2015- Day 2

If you enjoyed or perhaps missed the Festival of Education and you’re free on Saturday 27th June, then you might be interested in attending #ReadTL15 at Reading College. It’s free, there are prizes to be won, bags to be got and free lunch!

My track-record with the Festival of Education, as you can tell from this post and yesterday’s post, has not been fabulous and this morning was no different when a friend texted me about this cancelled train:


It looked as though I would not be making it in time for the first session after all but once again, my luck changed and a new train was put on and it wasn’t too long to wait. I also read about this incredibly exciting and much awaited FE Conference from Sarah Simons- Geoff Petty himself will be there!


I spent the rest of the first session upon arrival sat in the sun near the library and taking a colleague through the maps and programme so he could familiarise himself with the day ahead.

Here are my posts on each of the sessions I attended today. I regret not seeing David Weston’s first session, despite being certain I would love it and by the looks of Twitter, Tinie Tempah was really worth seeing. An ice-cream by the lake wasn’t a bad substitute though! Click on the session titles below to view my notes.

Andy Griffiths (Samsung UK) – Technology to inspire a generation of creative and collaborative thinkers

Creativity is a process rather than a eureka moment. It’s a mindset that allows us to think differently and creative innovative solutions to problems. It enables us to contribute to society.

Students don’t need to be taught how to USE technology but how to put it to good use- this must be the job of the educator.

Hywel Roberts- Curriculum Imagineer

We are the sherpa of the curriculum- how do we make sense of the cold, hard document?

Barrowford School Staff and Pupils- Educating Ruby: the Barrowford School Way

We are reward free because one learner might have done just as much learning as another but just struggled more. Achievement looks different for each learner- you can’t measure everything as not everyone learns the same thing every day or every week.

Professional Development: what works?

A&E= saving lives. Teaching= developing lives.

School leaders learning in public has a huge effect on their staff: promoting the model of learning themselves is vital.

A buzz and a mild indecision lead to ice-cream and the lake. This was truly blissful prior to the once in a lifetime excitement that would be Sir Ken Robinson AND Carol Dweck.

Sir Ken Robinson- Creative Schools

PISA has become the Eurovision Song Contest of education- and we know what that’s done for popular music!

There are all kinds of false dichotomies between arts and sciences- these need to end- everyone should be concerned about the squeezing out of creativity in the curriculum.

Carol Dweck- the woman, the myth, the legend!

You can’t just banish a fixed mindset- you have to take a journey.

The first step in this journey is to acknowledge that we’re all a mixture. We need to get in touch with these parts of us before we can truly embrace a growth mindset.

The end of the day lead to me meeting Sir Ken Robinson. I now have a signed book and this photo (thank you to the person behind me in the queue who took this!) We didn’t speak about anything profound- he teased me for just buying one book because everyone else had several and then I told him how to spell my name: yes, two ns, yes, one h at the end.

But it was enough. He was Ken Robinson and we had met.


A Festival of Education to remember for so many reasons this year and the final two talks really met all of my expectations.

Here are what I felt were the key messages of the two days:


My writing commitment: I’m learning to honour my thoughts. I’m learning that my words can be shared before I’ve connected all the dots or learned everything there is to know. My writing can be a snapshot of a single moment in continually-evolving time.

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