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On stillness

Most days, I crave stillness. The kind that emulates those moments in movies where the main character stops and looks out, all action blurring around

Fragments of joy I

An early morning drive in an unfamiliar direction.Two bodies craving rest.Suitcase wheels click-clack along damp pavements. Look! Through a round portal. The turquoise sea. A bobbing

One foot in front of the other

Growing up, we would walk. Holidays would see us trek from our campsite to not so nearby places for lunch and back again, whatever the

One year on

One year ago, I was leaving a job that had me trapped in a cycle of despair and a fight with values that were not

How Dark Matter Brightened my Day

Teaching can often be a challenge to the most positive among us and so I thought I’d share a little joy with you today. During