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A humble abode

Somehow, another academic year is already upon us. Here’s an ode I wrote to my classroom three years ago. I cannot believe it’s been that

The wonderful Hywel Roberts!

Hywel is someone I have seen speak before but I felt I needed an injection of his positivity and enthusiasm. I feel like many of


Before Christmas 2014, I attended the most inspirational TeachMeet to date: one that really lived up to the reputation that TeachMeets have made for themselves

#c6english: classroom creativity

So, it’s the start of a new academic year. In many ways, this will be the strangest and most challenging yet. In many other ways,

Help me teacher!

These are a few approaches that can help to prevent learners relying on us in the learning process. Of course, there are many times when

My Google Journey

Just over one year ago, an assistant principal (Yousef Fouda) invited me to his office. As a perceived early adopter, he wanted to share the

Mystery Books

Last week, I wrapped a whole bunch of books in brown paper. Every book had some connection to the novels being studied at present by

Classroom Environment Updates

C6 is my retreat from the stresses of the job. I realised this week the extent to which the procrastination it provides, is able to

Level Ladder Display

I recently read and learnt more about levelling in the classroom. Being on Twitter, I am in regular contact with many teachers in schools and

Dinner Party Lesson

This week was week 5 in proceedings. I’ve had some ups and downs and I’m still struggling to juggle everything but I’m trying to cut

My First Year in Teaching- 2009

This reflection has been dug-out of a dusty folder and was written in my first year of teaching and PGCE, 2009. At a time when

A New Year, A New Tour of C6

A new year, presents a fresh start and one of my first starting places was my classroom. My students have had their first week of

Further Classroom Changes

If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog posts regularly, then you may well have noticed that I LOVE my classroom!

Classroom Environment Changes This Term

Those of you who follow my blog regularly may have noticed that I love my classroom and I’m very into #poundlandpedagogy– see here and here. Over Easter, I wanted to transform

Useable Walls and classroom displays

Last week, I bought these plastic CD cases from Poundland. I Tweeted that I’d bought them and fellow Tweechers messaged back to guess what I

Make Collaborative Working… Work!

Over the last couple of years, I have worked a great deal on considering how students might make the most of their group work situations. Much