A search for joy and knowledge demands creative collection and curation. I gather and share collections and resources related to online learning, education and research; wellness, becoming and being.

Research engagement: a reading list

A collection of key reading. Updated as new learning takes place. Critical engagement with research Standards of evidence Australian Education Research Organisation. No date. Tool ‘Rigorous evidence is defined as evidence produced using research methods (whether qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods) that isolate the specific impact of a particular educational

Online teacher CPD: a reading list

A collection of key reading. Updated as new learning takes place. Critical engagement with research Rapid Evidence Assessment Summary: Remote Professional Development Education Endowment Foundation. 2020.  Poster ‘School leaders have a critical role to play in ensuring enabling conditions are provided for remote coaching and mentoring relationships to be successful.

Making Mondays better

I recently came across Selina Barker’s work, her Monday Crew podcast and her book, Burnt Out: the exhausted person’s guide to thriving in a fast-paced world. Her work has made an enormous difference to me being able to recover from burnout recently and I now really look forward to and

Online communities: a reading list

A collection of articles, research, blogs and videos exploring effective practice in the creation of online communities within the education sector and beyond. View and explore

Early Career Framework

A spreadsheet of the Early Career Framework. Useful for CPD and mentoring activity planning. View, download and use

Monthly Twitter Collections

Each month, I collate blogs, research papers, and reflections from the education community on Twitter. I began doing this for participants and mentors on the Chartered Teacher programme with the Chartered College of Teaching so that we could share interesting content that aligned with their areas of work at each point

Where can teachers and educators locate existing research?

Open access unless otherwise indicated. An ever-growing list.   BES (Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis) The New Zealand Ministry of Education’s best evidence synthesis iterations draw together, explain and illustrate through vignette and case, bodies of evidence about what works to improve education outcomes, and what can make a bigger difference