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Decolonising the curriculum: resources

Resources to support decolonising the curriculum in education.

Books and literature

Maps, timelines and interactive tours

Beyond Banglatown – a story of empire and migration, of settlement, of urban change, of place-making and the struggle to belong.

Black and British – An interactive selection of art and culture in the UK.
Black History timeline – 600 years of Haringey’s black history.
Colourful Heritage – South Asian histories in Scotland with a timeline, video interviews, and interactive map.
Mapping 100 Years of Black and Asian History – An interactive map and collection of articles exploring Black and Asian History from Historic England.
Native Land Digital – An interactive map that highlights historic and present-day indigenous territories, treaties and languages across the globe.
Our migration story – The often untold stories of the generations of migrants who came to and shaped the British Isles.

Places of South Asian Heritage in England – 30 places of South Asian Heritage in England.


Online learning

Other resources

10 Black British artists to celebrate – Artists who’ve had a significant impact on British art.
100 Great Black Britons – Lessons and activities for subject areas covered in KS1; KS2; KS3 and KS4.
African kingdoms – Resources for teachers planning to teach West African history.
Anti-racist Art Education – A collection of resources from NSEAD
Bangla Stories – Based on a three year histories project.
Black British history on record – Records relating to British citizens of African and African-Caribbean descent.
Black cultural archives – The home of Black British History.
Black presence in Britain – A collection of sources about Black British people.
British Histories of Race, Migration and Empire – A crowdsourced collection of resources for teachers, students and researchers exploring histories of race, migration and empire.
Cargo classroom – Poetry, film and llustrations for KS3 curriculum.
Decolonizing the music room – Free content from Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian contributors in music ed, performance, ethnomusicology, and other fields.
Global dimension – Teaching resources to bring connection, compassion and conversation to your classroom.
Gypsy Roma and Traveller History and Culture – A summary of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history, heritage and culture.

GRT LGBTQ+ Spoken History Archive – Oral histories of LGBTQ+ individuals from a variety of international Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

Making Histories – A collection of family histories and migration stories documented by young people in Cardiff, Leicester, Sheffield, Manchester and London.

Meanwhile, elsewhere – Go to the period and topic you are studying on the drop down bar, and download a work-sheet that will introduce you to a whole new part of history that was happening around the same time.
Miranda Kaufmann’s research on Black British History – A collection of Kaufmann’s work.
Moving people, changing places – Explore migration histories through multimedia content on locations, identities and cultures.
Museum of British colonialism – a network and platform for facilitating global conversations about British colonialism and its legacies.
My Learning – Free learning resources from arts, cultural and heritage organisations.
Oral histories of migration, ethnicity and post-colonialism – A collection of oral history sources from the British Library offer insights into ethnicity and post-colonial experience in the UK.
Project Empire – An editorial project about the British empire, imperial history and the legacy of British colonialism.
Roma stories oral history project – Explore experiences and oral stories of Roma people from Eastern and Central Europe who live in London.
South Asians in Britain – Explore this collection of contemporary accounts, photographs, letters, newspapers and pamphlets from the British Library depicting South Asian history in the UK 1858–1950.
The making of Black Britain – An oral history project: a uniquely British story of nationality, identity, and belonging.

What do the stories of the ‘often forgotten armies’ reveal about the Western Front? – The experience of African, Asian and First Nation soldiers and labourers at the Western Front.

Where Are the Black Women? – Exploring the Black women in Scotland’s past.

Decolonising the curriculum: a reading list

A collection of key reading. Updated as new learning takes place. Last updated: November 2022 Defining decolonisation Why I Say ‘Decolonisation is Impossible’   Adebisi. 2019.   Article ‘Without critical thought, representation can become toxic and tokenistic, people could be included into spaces that are not safe for them, spaces

My writing commitment: I’m learning to honour my thoughts. I’m learning that my words can be shared before I’ve connected all the dots or learned everything there is to know. My writing can be a snapshot of a single moment in continually-evolving time.

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Decolonising the curriculum: resources

Resources to support decolonising the curriculum in education. Books and literature Beyond the Secret Garden Book Love Diverse book finder Letterbox Library Lighthouse Bookshop Little Box of Books Moon Lane New Beacon

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