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365 days

On 10 December 2021, I committed to a daily walk. On Friday 9 December 2022, I celebrated 365 days of walking. Day 365 The ground

This step.That drifting leaf.

Earlier this week, I marked 222 days of committing to a daily walk with the community @thismorningwalk In the most recent newsletter from Libby DeLana,

200 daily walks

In May of 2020, I reflected on how my childhood conditioned me for walking but that somewhere along the way, I lost the joy for

One foot in front of the other

Growing up, we would walk. Holidays would see us trek from our campsite to not so nearby places for lunch and back again, whatever the

A walking diary. Womankind, 2019

My 5-day walking challenge diary was selected for publication in an international magazine, Womankind, in late 2019.

This diary is published here in full with permission from the team at Womankind magazine, Poet Press.