Hannah Tyreman is a Curriculum Designer at the Teacher Development Trust. Hannah has been an English teacher and Learning & Development Manager in Further Education settings in England, and a Head of Learning Design at the Chartered College of Teaching where her work focused on maximising the potential of online learning to support teachers’ professional development. She has designed courses on education technologies; engaging with and in teacher research, a pilot programme for the Early Career Framework, a series of courses on decolonising and diversifying the curriculum and now works on content and design for National Professional Qualifications for school leaders and teachers.

Hannah is an advisory board member for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund. She also helps with the website for the BAMEed Network, a grassroots organisation aimed at ensuring our diverse communities are represented as a substantive part of the workforce of teachers and leaders in education.

Hannah’s writing has previously appeared in TES, Schools Week, the Education and Training Foundation’s inTuition, Teachers Matter Magazine, New Zealand, and Womankind. She also has published chapters in The Early Career Framework: Origins, Outcomes and Opportunities book, and Teacher CPD: International Trends, Opportunities and Challenges book. 

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