On friendship

I am a starfish

staring upwards into the still

hope of an endless sky,

the starfish of a loved one

stretched nearby.

Hands lift me from this armchair

to where that memory hugs me tight.

The room dissolves

and becomes those faces and places

from a world before.

Our voices spin the corridors

holding promise of friendships

none of us had yet grasped.

Laughter dances through offices,

hands sticky with glitter and cake.

Did the universe know then

what was to become of these women?

The adventures that lay ahead,

their journeys now forever entwined.

I glance up and

as the tree branches

wave wildly in the wind,

the room ripples back into view,

the laughter, faces, voices

ebb away

and I wonder what became

of that world before.

Inspired by the first prompt in ‘How to write poetry’ by @chrissalerno and @kelseahabecker to write for 5 minutes starting with the phrase, ‘One moment I’ll always remember is…’

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Hannah Tyreman is Head of Online Learning and Community at the Chartered College of Teaching, the professional body for teachers in the UK. Hannah has been an English teacher and Learning & Development Manager in Further Education settings in England. Her work now focuses on maximising the potential of online learning