Early Career Framework

A spreadsheet of the Early Career Framework. Useful for CPD and mentoring activity planning.

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My writing commitment: I’m learning to honour my thoughts. I’m learning that my words can be shared before I’ve connected all the dots or learned everything there is to know. My writing can be a snapshot of a single moment in continually-evolving time.

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Rewarding Staff and Students- What Works?

A tram journey this morning resulted in more than a catching-up on emails and Twitter… it quickly evolved into sending the following direct message to a certain @MrsSarahSimons Cool- let’s go for tomorrow! Exciting and scary all at once! 🙂 Any tips you can give me?

Getting Better at Feedback

The last few weeks have seen us progress through each of our Cornerstones of Teaching & Learning at The Sheffield College with drop-ins from the Digital and e-Learning team, links to browse via our Twitter feed and a blog each week for staff to reflect on – Week 1 –