Next time you see a tandem…

Walking. One foot in front of the other.

Lost in a world before or after.

The jangle of a bell pulls you back to the present.

A couple glide by on a bicycle made for two.

‘What a romantic way to spend a day.’

I didn’t think to take a good look at the face of the passenger

Being taken for a ride by a man.

Sighting only his back. White knuckles gripping handles.

Their pace of travel set by him,

Cries of ‘go slower’ left ignored.

Legs go around and around and around.

Seat digging in. Making sore.

Curse the patriarchy.

All the faces that pass by miss the terror in her eyes.

‘What a romantic way to spend a day.’

Next time you see a tandem take a good look into the face of the passenger being taken for a ride.

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