Monthly Twitter Collections

Each month, I collate blogs, research papers, and reflections from the education community on Twitter. I began doing this for participants and mentors on the Chartered Teacher programme with the Chartered College of Teaching so that we could share interesting content that aligned with their areas of work at each point of the programme. We were also aware that many of them were new to Twitter and we appreciated how challenging it can be when you first join social media to find useful people to follow and identify relevant content to curate for later reading.

Each of the collections created since March 2018 are shared below. Whilst the collections are always based on areas of practice that might be of interest to our pilot programme cohort, there’s likely to be much of relevance to you and your colleagues too.

  • Browse the collections for personal CPD purposes; locating the research papers and blogs that may support your development.
  • Locate a useful piece of content to be read during a team meeting or as part of school/college CPD. Use the paper, blog, article, video, or podcast as stimulus for further discussion and development around an area of practice.
  • Share the collections in your school or college bulletin to promote the use of Twitter for CPD. Some collections can only be accessed with a Twitter account but others can be accessed freely.
  • Incorporate the use of this content as part of a wider approach to CPD, perhaps integrating their use as part of lesson study or small-scale classroom experiments.


Teaching collections

The following collections contain all things evidence-informed practice, research engagement, curriculum and CPD.

nov dec twitter moment

These months’ collection features posts from Professor Robert Coe on why assessment might tell you less than you think, Lia Martin on being strict AND warmRuth Rosalind Walker on curriculum and Ben Newmark on using a booklet and a visualiser, and more! Nov and Dec 2018


drepbtlx0aiechkThis month’s collection features a paper on memory shared by Efrat Furst,  a thoightful blog from Miss Sayers about the implementation of knowledge organisers, a podcast with Pooja Agarwal on retrieval practice, and a post from Adam Robbins on the trouble with target grades, and more! Oct 2018


September Twitter Moment CopyThis month’s collection features blogs from Tom Sherrington on expectations and questioning, thoughts from Annie Brookman-Byrne on desirable difficulties, Shaun Allison on how retrieval practice can be supported by Cornell note-taking, and more! Sept 2018


August Twitter Moment

This month’s collection features great places to find research from Alex Quigley, over 100 useful links for evidence-informed practice from Adam BoxerBec Tulloch on the one piece of research she’d choose to improve T&L, a piece on forgetting from Efrat Furst, and more! August 2018


July Twitter MomentThis month’s collection features From cognitive load theory to collaborative load theory from Paul Kirschner, a podcast with the Learning Scientists about retrieval practice, the truth and beauty of curriculum from Claire Stoneman, and much more! July 2018




This month’s collection features a guide on setting up a journal club from the Education Workforce Council, a blog summary of a ResearchEd presentation from Dan MacPherson about making good memories, an interview with John Hattie from Ollie Lovell, a post on responsive teaching from Harry Fletcher-Wood, a range of posts on curriculum from a variety of authors, reflections on what it means to work in an evidence-informed way from MirjamN, and much more!

June 2018*




This month’s collection features a paper shared by Dylan Wiliam, which examines the impact of teachers’ cognitive skills on student achievement, a post from Adam Boxer examining novices, experts and everything in between, research into lesson observations from Ofsted, a blog from Dawn Cox on what it really means to make progress, Amjad Ali sharing a paper from the National Council on Teacher Quality about what every new teacher needs to know, and much, much more!

May 2018*




This month’s collection features some sketchnotes from Oliver Caviglioli about Professor Becky Allen‘s work on measuring progress, 7 recommendations from the Education Endowment Foundation about developing pupils’ metacognitive knowledge and skills, a curated guide to metacognition from Anoara Mughal, an account of how Mark Enser has applied Rosenshine’s work to how he teaches, and much more!

April 2018*




This month’s collection features an Expert Teaching paper from Peps MccreaResearch Bites from Durrington Research, a blog on storytelling for better memories from Paul Moss, Sketchnotes from Kathyrn Morgan about Developing Great Teaching, a #UkEdResChat Reading List from Karen Wespieser, a downloadable education research terms poster from the Chartered College of Teaching, and much more!

March 2018*




This month’s collection features a trio of blogs on knowledge organisers from Miss Sayers, a post on feedback, explanation and practice from Pritesh Raichura, a report produced by Wellcome Trust and CUREE on Developing Great Subject Teaching, a school’s guide to implementing evidence-informed change from the Education Endowment Foundation, a set of Sketchnotes about Lucy Crehan’s Cleverlands from Impact Wales, and much more!

February 2018*



Coaching & mentoring collections

The following collections contain all things coaching, mentoring and evidence-informed, practice-rich professional development. After September 2018, the coaching and mentoring content became combined with the main collection for the month.

Mentors September

This collection features Issue 5 of working papers on practical aspects of coaching and mentoring in schools from CollectivED, research outlining the characteristics of effective professional development from Sam Sims and Harry Fletcher-Wood with further thoughts on the piece, as well as instructional coaching from Robert Coe and others, the Teacher Development Trust, and Jim Knight. Jack Tavasolly-Marsh shares some reflections on the use of video coaching, whilst Laura Mackay shares her reflections on implementing coaching in school.

September 2018


Mentors - July Aug Twitter Moment Copy


This collection features Sam Sims sharing a research paper that suggests that highly effective teachers are more likely to seek advice from their colleagues but are no more likely to be approached for advice than their less effective peers, ‘The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal Evidence’ from IEE York, thoughts on mentoring the newcomers from Cherylkd, an interview with Christian Van Nieuwerburgh, and much more!

July and August 2018*



This collection features Issue 4 of working papers from CollectivED, top tips on how to run a good teacher-mentoring programme from Iesha Small and others, Sketchnotes from Oliver Cavigliol of a ResearchED talk from David Weston and Bridget Clay, handwritten sketchnotes from Joy Vega on the Impact Cycle, an update on professional learning groups from Deborah Netolicky, 5 strategies for building relationships as an instructional coach from Teach Boost, and much more!

June 2018*




This collection features an interview with Thomas Toch about the successes, failures, and future of teacher evaluation reforms, IRIS Connect asking ‘what might you learn if you reflected on your practice using video?‘, some practical tips for mentors supporting early year career teachers, from Affirm Consulting, 10 ways to generate more thinking from Margaret Barr, an episode of the Coaching Habit podcast from Ayse Birsel, and much more!

May 2018*





This collection features Issue 3 of working papers from CollectivED, a cognitive science reading list from Doug Lemov, an experimental comparison of centralized training and in-classroom coaching by Jacobus Cilliers and others, psychological perspectives on expertise shared by Peps Mccrea, a reflection on the worth of mentoring from Sophie Bee, tips for effective listening during coaching from Newby Coach, and much more!

April 2018*




This collection features a meta-anlysis on teacher coaching from Matthew Kraft, a blog from Simon Feasey on a CollectivED event, an article from multiple authors about the journey and relationship of instructional coaching, some sketchnotes from Kathryn Morgan on a paper by Papay and Kraft, introductory videos to the growth coaching approach from Andy Buck, notes on effective professional development from Harry Fletcher-Wood, and much more!

March 2018*




This collection features Issue 1 of working papers from the CollectivED community.  An article on the emerging evidence about coaching as a PD strategy from CPREresearch, a research paper shared by Rolf Degen that suggests merely watching others performing their skills gave viewers the false impression of themselves having become better at these skills suggests, a podcast from Growth Coaching International, and much more!

February 2018*



*Only available if you have a Twitter account

My writing commitment: I’m learning to honour my thoughts. I’m learning that my words can be shared before I’ve connected all the dots or learned everything there is to know. My writing can be a snapshot of a single moment in continually-evolving time.

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