How can #LearningFirst ideas for action, to support the future of assessment expertise, become a reality?

Kate Sowter @Top_kat1

How do we bring our peers and colleagues along with us(who aren’t here on a Saturday)? How can we get a national conversation going?

Sam Twiselton @samtwiselton

We need to see the wood for the trees and not get bamboozled by the quantitative aspects of assessment. Get on side with the teaching moments that make a difference to teaching. Video in the classroom makes learning meaningful for student teachers.

Ben Fuller @aaiauk

How do we make assessment better? Listen to kids. testing under the right conditions- see it as assessment rather than test with a T

Anne Heavey @ATLAnneH

I worry for our colleagues who aren’t here. There’s a crisis of confidence in the profession. Share this excitement that we have and remind each other that we do know what we’re doing. There are some many resources for us to use and access!

Language of possibility- invite your colleagues to come and see what you’re up to in your classroom.

Unconditional positive regard- we need to have this for one another as professionals just as we do our students.

One thing:

– Collectively, we have power. The old ways can’t carry on. This is our time. It is now.

– The college of teaching is what it’s for. It’s a window of opportunity to create our own identity as teachers. Don’t lose the opportunity by bickering and ignoring it.

– Curriculum is what should inform pupil learning, not data processes.

– Look at what you’re doing and ask yourself why you’re doing it- does it have a purpose? It’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it.

– Read, look up or try something and let us all know how you got on.

Read my full reflections on the day here

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