A Grand Day Out

I’m a fan of Wallace and Gromit. A big fan. I love cheese and I have a grin a little like Wallace’s when I’m really very happy.

An ex-colleague and adopted mentor of mine spoke some wise words once (I’m afraid this isn’t an exact quote and she probably said it much better than this but the metaphor stuck with me):

‘Leading CPD is like trying to unblock a drain. You’re the one pushing against all of the blockage and all the bits of fat are flying up into your face. Not overly pleasant and extremely difficult but really worth it once you get a breakthrough.’

This same person introduced me to design thinking: an incredibly creative world where anything is possible and inspirational ideas: real-world experiments to help you realise your greater vision, are produced.

There is a project, online, where educators are joining together to solve problems.

One of the questions being answered is:

‘How might we reimagine professional learning so that we continue to grow, feel inspired and have impact in the lives of our students?’

The ‘might‘ is always a part of design thinking- designed to open everyone up to possibility.

I like the inclusion of ‘grow‘ing, feeling ‘inspired‘, and I think the use of ‘in‘ rather than ‘on’ is a very careful and wise decision.

The first idea I’ve picked out is the group of educators who have thought up the concept of ‘round trip ticket‘ where educators can apply to go on actual excursions and learning journeys. Cheese from the moon, Gromit? Anyone fancy joining us on a grand day out?

Read it for yourself. It’s exciting. Oh, if only…or perhaps we could actually…


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