Curriculum Transformation

The college I work for, like many other FE colleges and indeed schools too, have been exploring how the curriculum might be transformed for learners. This has been an ongoing challenge for some time now and you can read about some of our activities here at #curriccon15 and here at #curriccon14 as well as here at #piolearner in relation to developing a more character education focus.

The pressure to transform the curriculum has been driven by a number of factors:

  • Funding (or lack of it)
  • FELTAG (and the effective integration of this)
  • Relevancy and currency for learners and employers
  • Employability and Enterprise for the workplace
  • English and maths skills development
  • Learner attributes as well as skills development

Much more of this transformation work will be taking place in the coming months and it will likely continue for the next few years.

This magazine contains a great deal of inspiration, research and case studies to be explored in relation to curriculum transformation. It is just the beginning and I definitely plan to add in pages relating to the development of character within education, as well as incorporating aspects of online learning. I would love for you to comment below if you have links, videos, reports and research that you think should be added.

Click the image below to access the magazine (not available on mobile devices at present):

curriculum transformation

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