Student wellbeing and revision survival bags

I was recently inspired by this post:

I’d heard of people giving wellbeing bags to staff but I’d never really considered it for learners before. I was beginning to get concerned about my learners’ stress levels as the exam season looms heavily ahead of us.

So I hit the shops at the weekend and this is the result:


The notepad, sticky notes, pen and highlighter are fairly self-explanatory.

The folded A4 sheet relates to stress-busting tips for finals but I feel like they’re equally applicable to any set of exams.

This list of apps are designed to help wellbeing and they might be useful.

The 2 QR codes link to the following two places:

A Bundlr filled with revision activities: and Our class website filled with revision resources.

Some sweets- because they’re always a good idea during revision!

The bubbles are just to have fun with- because it’s ok to have some fun whilst revising! And yes, because I’m treating them like party bags for 6 year olds.

1 page guides to each expact of our two exams- created by learners and photocopied.


And finally a book. The book has a personal handwritten note in the front of it like the good old days. These will hopefully boost the confidence of each of my learners as they hurtle towards the end of the academic year.

I can’t wait to give these bags to my learners and I wonder how quickly it will be before all of their sweets are gobbled up?! Probably before they’re even out of the classroom door!

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  1. Love this idea, and wanted to do it for my 2 A Level groups and yr12 tutor group but wasn’t sure what to put in them… now I know so thank you 😀

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