#c6english: classroom creativity

So, it’s the start of a new academic year. In many ways, this will be the strangest and most challenging yet. In many other ways, it’s just the same: new stationery, resources, plans, classroom displays and learners to get excited about!


This wall will have the learners’ balloons at the top- these will have career aspirations as well as grades for the end of the year. Up the ladder will be Lego versions of each learner (paper based… although I wish I had actual Lego people now!) These will be moved up and down by the learners and me depending upon how close they are to achieving their goals. I’ll be promoting work experience and volunteering far more this year and learners will be encouraged to recognise that the path to achieving their goals is far more varied than they might think!


This ‘Wall of Fame’ will hold all learners’ great work. It will be used to showcase a variety of great presentation, great writing or great feedback. It will also house examples of their extra-curricular activities where they’ve gone above and beyond what might be expected on an AS English course. I’ll post again when it has things on it!


This fabulous feedback wall will be used to put up feedback for their peers and me throughout the year so that we’re always learning from one another. I wanted a more permanent place to appreciate learner voice.


The back of my door remains much the same; with my wish list and question wall as they will be integral to a lot of lessons. The wish list is for things they’d like to learn this lesson/things we need to carry over to a future lesson. The question wall can be used for any learners’ questions throughout the lesson.


The noticeboard outside the classroom has last year’s learners’ reading recommendations around the edge and in the centre are books I’ve read over the summer (some more yet to be added). The learners will add what they’ve been reading upon their arrival at College. There is a QR code to the Google+ Community and our class website. This space can also be used to promote ‘blogs of the week’ from the class as well as some of the creative writing group’s work.


The learners will be on a rota to bring cake into our Friday 9am lesson but also to offer a ‘quote of the week’ that can provide some inspiration for us.

As I’ve written about already, online learning will be central this year- with the use of Google Apps and the class website. TEEP will be returned to and #c6english will be used for the students to engage during lessons and have discussions online.

After the meeting with North Herts College, I started to think a lot more about the ‘experiences’ rather than content that I was offering to students. I developed this overview schedule (see the detail of each week here):

1 2 3 (1) 4 and 6 5

4 and 6


The idea of the independent projects are that for each of the two fortnights planned, learners can pose themselves a question related to what we’ve been studying and will produce their findings, research, work… whatever it might be, at the end of this time. I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of things they produce.

Although all of these developments are very exciting; most of all, I’m looking forward to meeting the learners and enjoying our challenging journey together. I love September!

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