We’re all busy bees!

I finally managed to sit at my desk and get some work done whilst at work today, after two full days of dashing elsewhere around the College on a variety of missions. This feels like quite an achievement!

My new role has pretty much begun already- especially with an induction programme about to finish, CPD week looming and a conference to finalise arrangements for. Never mind my students.And planning for next year… hmmm…
I felt the full weight of being busy today and I don’t think it was helped by not managing lunch until 3pm… I felt I was crashing, very quickly, into a meltdown. Which is why I called it a day at 5.45pm, bought an easy tea and began the journey home. If meditation has taught me anything, it’s self-awareness and knowing when enough is enough. I try not to push my way past this point too often these days or angry Hannah emerges, closely followed by teary Hannah and ending in sleepy Hannah… I’m essentially still a small child on days like these if I’m not careful about it!
Although my ‘busy-ness’ really got to me today…and I shouldn’t have let it, I realised why it had. It’s a lot to do with the lack of awareness from other people (always good to blame others!)
The following comments are less than helpful if you meet someone busy:
Well, get used to it!
Are you? What with? Don’t you just do… You should have loads of time on your hands now!
I think you need to manage your workload better.
Now, admittedly, I’d like to think that the people behind these comments were all very well meaning but it wasn’t helpful and it didn’t make me feel any better. These comments weren’t ALL received today by the way. I’m not sure what kind of mess I’d be in if they were. The other reason it all got to me was because I gave things far more significance in my life than they warranted.
It was on the way home where I received other reminders of ‘busy’:
A man in a suit holding 3 large boxes in the air in one hand whilst trying to force his ticket through the barrier with his other.
A young man walking a lady along the platform who had one of those plasters on her hand like you do after a horrible visit to the hospital.
My favourite M&S train station customer services assistant (yes it’s becoming a bit of habit) being shouted at, yet again, by ‘busy’ commuters.
Not to mention the numerous colleagues I met at work today who are withering under the weight of ‘busy.’ Something about this time of year or what?
The point is, all of us are busy and it’s worthwhile remembering that when we can! Even those of us who REALLY are busy and think we’re the ONLY ones. (Huge big sticky note to self!)

We all need to give that little bit more thought to the ‘busy’ around us and it will probably result in us being less stressed about our own ‘busy.’

The next fortnight at College is all about getting connected and exchanging time. I have done three time exchanges with staff already. The value of this is that it doesn’t feel like you’re giving too much as you get something in return for your time from the other person.
I have swapped James finishing my Google site for me sharing some sites videos with him.
I have swapped helping Ken to set up his own Google site with (hopefully) some travelling abroad advice- especially after his planned 5 week trip!
I will be swapping time to help Scott with a Google site with him sharing some employability links and resources with me.
So what are you waiting for? Time swapping is the way forward. Then you’ll have met a great person and become a little less busy in the meantime. (they don’t all have to include Google sites but we’re all a little obsessed with it over at our place at the minute!)
It is in writing this that I’ve remembered why I enjoy blogging- it gives me that mindful moment- that chance to reflect and get my mind back in order- so thanks for reading.
PS. Thanks to Liz at work, who gave me some lovely flowers picked from outside and a Capri Sun and I’m sorry for leaving the flowers on my desk after a dash to catch my train- they’ll be withering under the weight of the warm sun! I did enjoy my Capri Sun on the train though!
Image from Aaron Molina- Flickr
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  1. Such a timely post Hannah… I regularly don’t manage lunch (or morning tea, or going to the toilet) on a Wednesday, and have started feeling anxious about my ‘busy-ness’ in advance. I was planning on staying late today, but maybe I need to go home. It’s hard to decide when you have a pile of marking, 3 meetings and everyone around you feeling similarly stressed. It’s days like this that I most need to go to yoga, but feel guilty about the hour and a half I could have spent working instead. But today, I’m going to be mindful of what you’ve said.

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