Classroom Environment Updates

C6 is my retreat from the stresses of the job. I realised this week the extent to which the procrastination it provides, is able to reach. This week was one of my busiest to date, yet I still found an abundance of hours to redesign displays, laminate and decorate the room. If only I could somehow find a similar abundance of hours for sleep and I might have one of the most successful weeks ever!

Students started using the analysis ladder to assess their own skills:
photo 5 (2)
I put up ‘The Kite Runner’ summary kites and locks and keys for ‘Property’, which we will complete this half term:
photo 2 (1)
photo 3 (2)
I had asked students to create displays on analysis for the classroom and these are the three winning designs. I was so pleased with the response I got!
Snakes and Ladders from Silva and Poppy. The snakes are the things we shouldn’t do in essays and the ladders are the good things!
photo 2 (3)
The analysis courtroom from Matt and Myles:
The panda anagram from Ryan and Alex:
The pizza anagram from Alex:
My A2 students designed a snowman-esque reminder of general coursework structure:
photo 4
I redesigned the fabulous feedback board:
photo 1 (7)
I finally created my flowerbed of alternative ‘show’ words and the graveyard of things in our essays that need to die, which students will be adding to in the coming weeks:
photo 1 (6)
The book corner is developing:
photo 4 (2)
The help desk finally emerged:
photo 2 (7)
PS. Meet our classroom friend (yet to be named):
He contains all of the students’ notes from when they are secret spies for one another and from when they are asked to write wonderful moments and kind things for their peers:
photo 4 (5)
We will open him up just before the half term.
I think C6 is looking the best it ever has- that’s what a heavy workload does for it!
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