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Recently, I’ve been required to ‘RAG rate’ my students on the College system. This means that a teacher can go into a student profile and see how they’re getting on in each subject. A comment was left for each learner too so staff can see further detail if required.

I believe the idea of the system is so that students can see how they’re being rated too as they can login. Technically this is the case but I don’t get my students near enough to a computer often enough for this to be useful for them. I have spoken to and heard of colleagues using the system with students but the difference is that they have computers in their classrooms. I’m prepared to figure out a strategy but until then I created a classroom display, which personally I think is far better for me too!

There are red, yellow and green sections of the wall and I bought some people shapes from Wilkisnons. I wrote each student’s name on a person and blue tacked them onto the wall. Their movement up and down the wall is not actually determined by the grades. It is instead determined by the following factors which I think will determine their success this year:



Effort in class

Homework submission (quality and timeliness)

Ability to take no board feedback and act upon it.

I made a factsheet to go next to the display that would explain what students in each area would need to do to move upwards. My yellow section is described as ‘coasting.’ These aren’t students who are particularly doing anything bad but they are resting on their laurels and aren’t striving to achieve more. The students often comment on people who have moved up or down (I try to adjust it a few times a week) to demonstrate that it’s relevant and current. I’m pleased with the impact it’s having but longer term, I suppose I’ll be able to see the impact by the number of students in each section.



On Thursday, I realised I needed an even higher level than green. I have a student who has 100% attendance and punctuality. She is up-to-date with homework, works brilliantly in class and has acted successfully upon feedback to improve her work. She is excelling in EVERY area and therefore she must be placed above the other ‘greens’… who will be envious of her lofty position. The student was visibly proud of her achievement and it is now something for others to aspire towards.

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