Homeworkopoly becomes ‘Hanopoly’

For a while now, I’ve struggled to find the balance between giving students’ homework that was engaging yet challenging, achievable in the time given… or not! And submission rates… Well they’ve been a whole other struggle!

Last week, I developed these ‘Homework Plans‘ so that each week students could review how they’d got on with the homework and the demand would be on them to complete anything outstanding. So that will be accountability dealt with, hopefully!

Today, I put up a Homeworkopoly display for students to engage better with homework.IMG_1471

The board can be obtained HERE.

I developed the following streets for my A level English groups.

As well as streets, the board also has other stations that I also created descriptions for.

Chance cards were created based on some risky cards created by @englishlulu.

Community chest cards were created based on students doing activities that would benefit their peers.

These cards and a dice are stuck to the wall in small plastic cups.

I made counters for each student. Some weeks, they’ll move their own counter around the board, in other weeks, I’ll be suggesting tasks they should complete as per their individual current targets and development points.

The whole thing took me a long time to complete but the hope is that the board can be used for future groups in order to engage them in homework activities…

If you create your own boards, I’d love to see them!

Update for September 2014


Along with my recent new job role and reduced hours of teaching, there’s an even greater requirement for me to engage with online resources and learning (to be honest, I don’t really need an excuse to do this!).

As part of my new course site, I have developed a board online. The students can’t move their counters around it yet and I have removed the chance and community chest cards for now but I love it- Hanopoly!

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