Class Consultants

It would seem I’ve had a week of great ideas and I felt this was a gem worth sharing!

I came up with this idea based on students having completed their 1st assessment point essays in the previous week.

We had spent a lesson having an essay workshop, where we explored various aspects of essay writing.

This was a follow up lesson where we would further embed their confidence with particular essay writing aspects. I knew there were certain areas that the majority of students needed to improve so I searched for students who had done those things successfully in their assessment point essays.Untitled

Turns out, some had. I made these students ‘class consultants.’ I set them up with a desk, a chair either side and a sign-in sheet. I also laminated some lovely badges for them to wear. Creating such a formal situation meant that students took their ‘consultant’ role seriously. Students signed up for as many appointments as they wanted and so they commenced. Consultants were suitably professional throughout; they provided helpful feedback and went out of their way to do a good job. Thy called out people who were late for appointments, shook hands and made students make a formal cancellation if they wished to miss an appointment. This was all without any direction or expectation that they would behave in such a way.

Consultants showcased their own essays and then helped students to develop their own. They focused solely on the single aspect I had requested them to be a consultant for and this approach meant that the students were developing their work, one aspect at a time. Whilst appointments were occurring, anyone not currently occupied was conducting assessment of sample work.

I really think that higher expectations, me now knowing the course and a wonderful intake should lead to some truly excellent lessons this year… with my AS students at least.

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