Tech Toolbox: Smore Flyers

Every time I Google ‘Smore’- this wonderful tasty looking thing appears.


Unfortunately, I haven’t worked this kind of Smore into my lessons yet- but where there’s a will, there’s a way! I have been part of setting up a new CPD programme at College recently. If you haven’t been following it- take a look at the blog here:

We wanted to produce a Pass It On newsletter on a weekly basis to promote the CPD to the whole college. We wanted it to contain all kinds of content and in an ideal world, it wouldn’t cost very much!

Enter ‘Smore’! Like many of the technologies that have become part of my teaching life, I first saw it on Twitter. In this instance, I can’t remember where I saw it first. Smore is quick, free and very easy to use. You can insert pictures, text, events and video content. It is also visually pleasing, which for me is a wonderful bonus box to be ticked!

Things I have used Smore for so far:

Here are the last two newsletters that have been created:

I have also created this resource for a student project that will be starting in a few weeks.

Things I plan to do next year:

Create more Pass It On CPD newsletters and hope that it doesn’t start charging!

Use it in a similar way to for student resources and homeworks

A video guide to getting started on Smore:

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