Tech Toolbox: StudyStack Flashcards

Study Stack is fantastic. The wonderful @gnarcue first introduced me to it. Initially, I wasn’t so sure it would become part of my regular technology diet.

As soon as I got the hang of it, I realised quite how wonderful it was! Students can make their own flashcards and then play games based on the content of their flashcards, which are automatically generated. Some of my students made a helpsheet of how to use Study Stack: Study Stack handout

Things I have used Study Stack for so far:

I made terminology flashcards for Unit 1 AS terms:

Students made the flashcards for Unit 2:

Things I plan to do next year:

Explore the search functions of the flashcards with my tutees to see what they can find for other subjects.

Continue getting my students to create flashcards and promote the use of them for study and revision.

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