Tech Toolbox: Recite This Images

I’m all about how things look as well as functionality. I don’t really know how important this is to teaching but with an art background, I can fully appreciate how something looks and I know that it makes ME a whole lot more engaged!

I found the website, ‘Recite This’- CLICK HERE.

Like many of the other technology tools that make it into my repertoire- this is quick and easy to use!

Things I have used Recite This for so far:

I have made lesson presentations using it:

Lesson 1 instructions

I have made a motivational classroom poster (one of the slides within this presentation) using it:

New term motivation

I have made window displays:

IMG_0478 IMG_0482 IMG_0481

Things I plan to do next year:

Make even more lovely teaching resources and displays

Promote the use of it with students for revision and presentations

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