Tech Toolbox: Poster Oven and QR Codes

I wanted to create a ‘useful websites’ wall but I wanted the interactivity that QR codes could provide. I didn’t really know how to go about including QR codes so I took the cheat’s way out and found Poster Oven-

You can change the background and content quickly and easily and the QR codes are generated for you.

Things I have used Poster Oven for so far:

Classroom notices for each class so they can follow the blog and twitter etc:


Useful website displays:


Things I plan to do next year:

Make even more website links for students to use for study and revision

Use them for CPD promotion around College

I saw a colleague who had attached QR codes to the attendance rules and it placed the College’s contact details in the student’s phone- I loved that and will aim for something similar.

Perhaps I’ll even explore QR codes that aren’t generated for me so that I can link to documents and powerpoints of use

A video guide to getting started on Poster Oven:

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