Further Classroom Changes

If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog posts regularly, then you may well have noticed that I LOVE my classroom!


I had a discussion with a colleague this week and as I contemplated all of the things that were displayed around my classroom, I wondered how much they might be the fluff to cover up my current lack of teaching confidence. My colleague reflected that perhaps I was, quite literally, plastering over the cracks…I think he was right.

Without going into the sob story of the past year, my move to Reading has been difficult to say the least. For the most part of my week, I feel as though I’m clinging on and ‘getting through’. I’m uncertain how far this feeling will get me but for now, it’ll have to suffice.

In an attempt to get me through the next few months, I have resolved to build a reading corner in my classroom and have brought the History teacher in on it too. We will each have one for our students to do quiet reading and study in. I might even use it when I need an escape myself!

I will resolve to be a better teacher in September and get my sh*! together. I will return fully to TEEP as that is when I experienced most success and I WILL believe in myself! There was a time when I was amazing and I felt it too! I refuse to give up on that… just yet!
In the spirit of ‘not giving up,’ I refuse to let successes at work be to the detriment of ‘life’ and I will resolve to start forming one of those… whatever that might look like!

Until then, take a look at the recent updates to my classroom facade- just don’t look too hard as it may all crumble before your very eyes. Here’s hoping that my classroom walls will be more robust come September.

GCSE students made posters. They were so fantastic, I couldn’t stop putting them up- so I didn’t!

Owly Images

The terminology definition wall- students wrote terminology, definitions and considerations of effect for each one. Play paper from Wilkos is amazing!


I amended the essay writing window, using a site I’ll be posting about very soon!


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