Useable Walls and classroom displays

Last week, I bought these plastic CD cases from Poundland. I Tweeted that I’d bought them and fellow Tweechers messaged back to guess what I would use them for. I have to say that suggestions of dominoes and revision card holders seemed a lot more inspirational than what I’d chosen to do. I guess I’ll be buying more but at least it won’t break the bank!


At the weekend, I taped lots of the CD cases together and made some pockets to hang on the walls.

The first two sets were to hold student targets that were becoming tatty on the cupboard. I am amateur in my approach to a lot of resource making so I have resolved to make my classroom look a lot more professional.

I also made a motivational, growth mindset-esque poster to accompany this. I used Phoster to make it on my new Ipad, which I LOVE!


I then re-arranged the back of my door so that’s it ready for several things. In a previous post, I reflected that I never found time for plenaries and I was seeking better ways to achieve this. I have decided that this useable CD case wall (must think of a better name) can hold student questions and reflections as they leave the room (also during the lesson). I can check, reply and then return or leave them depending on whether it’s something we still need to work on or not. It’s accompanied by the question wall and exit wall so they can both still be used too.


As I’ve mentioned previously- I love my classroom  and I’m always looking for ways to develop and improve it (a new post of updates is on its way). Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome!

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