My Take on the 5 Min. Lesson Plan

A few weeks ago I came across the 5 min. lesson plan: VIDEO from @TeacherToolkit

I have always struggled with lesson planning. I have never quite seen the value in it, apart from giving me an overview of where I want to go. I often deviate as I’m usually wrong about what I anticipate with timings and student reactions, so the hours of pouring over a far too complicated document prior to it all being ripped apart at the seams, in a good way, never seemed worth it.

The 5 minute lesson plan came close to what I was really after but as anyone who knows me will be aware, I am a control freak! So I created my own version- not because the first one wasn’t perfect already but because now it’s a version that works for me. I’m actually writing lesson  plans again so thanks @TeacherToolkit for this.

For the first time in 4 years, I have found something that has taken the stress out of lesson planning and can now be used as a document that can help me and the students, rather than a form for Ofsted to peruse, which, in the end, will bear no resemblance to the essence of my lesson anyway.

Here is the link:

My 5 minute lesson plan

Here are some examples (excuse the scrawl):

lesson 1 lesson 2

Here is me talking you through the plan (in a rather unplanned way!):

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