Writing on the Windows

I’m a convert! Thanks must go to @siancarter1 and @chrishealey23 for their inspiration! Click here for pics.

I bought some luminous liquid chalk pens from a reputable auction site and away my students went.

They produced colourful quotes, applied terminology, wrote analysis and gave peer feedback. And all with smiles on their faces. The colourful windows are a wonderful addition to my already bright and beautiful room. I’d structured the activities so the quotes analysis built up over a number of lessons with both of my classes contributing at different stages: true collaborative learning.

How has it affected their writing? I don’t know if it has all that much, but it hasn’t damaged it in any way and it certainly engaged them much more than a piece of paper would. It’ll be the desks and floors next…

P1060187 P1060186 P1060188 P1060107 P1060109 P1060108 P1060110 P1060112 P1060111

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