Since getting back into technology, I’m looking for nice apps and sites that can be used for note-making in the classroom.

Popplet (10/10)

I love this site but to be fair, I was already a convert and that’s generally the way it works with me. I either fall head over heels at first sight or I run screaming for the hills. After today’s speed dating of some other sites, I have been tempted into a small number of future flirtations.

Thoughtboxes (9/10) 

Students can make a point and can then easily add thoughts to each of the thought boxes they create. It’s simple to use, looks attractive and serves the in class/ at home note-making purpose I was after!

Pindax (7/10)

I forgot all about this site and no wonder- I thought it was Wallwisher! When I found Wallwisher, I just thought it had misplaced this marvellous function! The bonus of this site is that posts can be replied to and it provides the level of interaction I like in and out of my classes. Students can post thoughts on a particular topic and then reply to one another. I really liked seeing evidence of a silent debate on Twitter this week and this could be used for a silent debate via technology (Click the links for examples of silent debating).

Lino (6/10) 

I really like this site. It’s like Wallwisher but there are significant bonuses. I’m trying to get my students to focus on target setting at the moment. This site has the function of setting a date on any note made. You can also embed videos and easily pin pictures too. I do think it might be a little fussy for some students but I actually think a lot of them will enjoy the creative aspects that this site offers.

Catch (5/10)

This site seems like quite a nice way to keep simple notes and find them later. I personally find the lack of organisation here useless but I know some of my students would appreciate its non-fussy qualities.

Primary Wall (4/10)

This site seems great for real time whole class posting as everyone can post on the same wall, given the link. It is therefore much like Wallwisher (now Padlet). It’s seriously simple to use but I desire more functions- such as replying and making links between notes made. I presume from the title that it is designed for primary school learners (?) and I’m certain it would be fine for that. Wallwisher is one technology that has stuck with me so I’m more than happy to keep with that. Wallwisher is like a corner shop. Even if it changes its name, you’ll know it by the name it went by when you were an 8 year old, running down for your Saturday sweets!

Webnote (3/10)

I don’t see the advantages of this over Wallwisher so it’s been relegated to the same place as Primary Wall, except perhaps a rung lower as it doesn’t seem as simple to use and there doesn’t seem to be a choice of lovely backgrounds! *displeased*

Scrumblr (1/10) 

I don’t know whether I’m being impatient and I’m writing this site off to soon but I don’t know how to use it, I don’t like it and those are two sure signs that I won’t ever use it again. Sorry Scrumblr!

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