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Words to live by

'The voice within you that says, "This is not okay" is a direct call from the basic goodness of your spirit. Pick it up. Every time.'

Cleo Wade, Where to begin

'Burn the house down in search of yourself. don't you dare ever stop looking. don't you dare ever think you won't be worth the finding.'

F D Soul, between you & these bones


Through writing, I document my journey in search of joy and knowledge. I traverse aspects of my work in online learning, education and research and I wander through wellness, becoming and being. I embrace complexity, uncertainty and learning.


Books are an open ticket for a platform in the direction of ‘you, this world and beyond’. This ticket will transport you away from this world with its disorienting noise, its demands, expectations and the things of which you’ve grown weary. You’ll journey through new faces, voices and places that echo of things once known. Books are a beacon to guide me home, carrying more joy and knowledge than I packed when I left.


A search for joy and knowledge demands creative collection and curation. I gather and share collections and resources related to my work in online learning, education and research


‘There is something threatening about a woman who is not occupied with children. There is something at-loose-ends feelings about such a woman. What is she going to do instead? What sort of trouble will she make?’


‘One after another, he tossed pebbles into the swamp of my mind, but instead of coming to rest on the bottom, they continued to drift deeper and deeper down without end.’

Audre Lorde - The masters tools will never dismantle the masters house

‘We do not have to romanticize our past in order to be aware of how it seeds our present. We do not have to suffer the waste of of an amnesia that robs us of the lessons of the past rather than permits us to read them with pride as well as deep understanding.’

Strengths-based leadership, coaching and development

A number of years ago now, I attended a WomenEd conference where first I learned about what knowing your own strengths might unlock. I learned about leading with them, nurturing them and relying on this origin as a foundation for continued growth and development. I’ve always been someone whose found

Research engagement: a reading list

A collection of key reading. Updated as new learning takes place. Critical engagement with research Standards of evidence Australian Education Research Organisation. No date. Tool ‘Rigorous evidence is defined as evidence produced using research methods (whether qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods) that isolate the specific impact of a particular educational

Online teacher CPD: principles from research and practice

In my capacity as an Advisory Board member for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund, which aims to support delivery of effective arts-based teaching and learning opportunities in the primary classroom, I was asked to deliver a short presentation to the latest group of successful funded providers on what

Accessible by design

A few years ago, I started work with a colleague who uses a wheelchair. One day, we travelled down to London together. It was in spending this time with them that I noticed just how many barriers were created in the way of their engagement with all the things I

Singapore in spring

We landed in Singapore eating skittles from a bag. One more leg to go before arrival in Oz. Planning our days, our tasty meals, our walks on beaches, and swims in the sea. We were met with masked faces, and temperature scanners set-up to assess the threat we posed. Was

Embracing your ancestry

There is complexity in the faces of your ancestors and the jobs they held: manager, milliner, miner. The pastimes they enjoyed: dancing, writing, walking. The courage in their roles as activist, parent, glass-ceiling-smasher. A choice to be made: dwell here in the warmth or press further on … to the

What’s in a pause?

As we enter another period of national lockdown, I reflect on the power of a pause. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and scribbling all over @robpoynton‘s book ‘Do Pause’ for the fabulous @DoBookCo. One lunchtime, earlier on this year, I took some time to listen to his recent lecture

Quality online learning

Having worked in a Further Education College for many years, I’m all too aware how the gears of the quality department will already be ramping up or perhaps have already sped in to evaluate the implementation of online and blended learning. The quality department’s brand is complex but, fairly or